Our Statement of Beliefs

We believe in God, the Creator and Sustainer of everything, understood through the idea of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three persons in one God. This relational God created humanity to be in community with him and to bear his likeness in creation. Yet we have lost our way and forgotten our divine calling, choosing to live selfishly – a concept we call ‘sin’.

We believe that God the Son became human in the person of Jesus Christ, to show us how to be the humans we were intended to be, and to restore the broken relationship between us and himself, God. He did the former, through his life and teachings on Earth. He did the latter through his self-sacrifice on the Cross and subsequent resurrection.

We believe the Bible is the record of God’s interactions with humanity, and when properly understood, can explain God’s plan, the way he works to remove the barrier of our sin, and his love for humanity. We believe God is active through the movement of the Holy Spirit, drawing us to him and whose presence in our lives is shown through the growth of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.

As a church, we seek to become more and more like Jesus in our words and actions. Collectively, we are the ‘Body of Christ’, everyone having their unique part to play in doing his continued work on Earth, irrespective of age, ability or gender. All are of equal worth. We value our children and young people and treasure them as a gift from God. We are committed to seeing them grow and develop within our family.

As a church, we are seeking to honour God through creative and accessible acts of worship that build faith and express our personal love and commitment to Jesus. We seek a deeper understanding of God’s Word, the Bible, and seek to apply its challenges and truths to our daily lives.

As a church, we seek to serve our community, co-operating with our fellow churches. As Jesus adopted the role of a servant to show his care for us, so we are seeking to serve those around us. We believe God loves the whole world, and so we wish to reach out to and welcome everyone.