Farewell to our Pastoral Worker!


As we know, these last few weeks have been a momentous time for Rhona and the Baptist Church. A time of celebration, a time of happiness and thanks.

I have written a list of all the responsibilities, the groups and the work with which Rhona has been involved. However this does not truly reflect the many qualities and gifts that Rhona has shared with us. Her strong Christian beliefs she has imparted through word and deed. Her kindness and compassion to those of us who have been anxious, worried, lonely, isolated, or coming from a different area or country. She has a great ability to love and share that love.

One of her outstanding skills, in my opinion, has been her ability to identify a need in the church, to organise members of the church to assist in meeting that need. She has a great talent for group work and for galvanising others to help.

Rhona has a great sense of humour too. One of my lasting memories is of one Christmas when she appeared looking like a Christmas tree with fairy lights on her jumper. When I think of Rhona I smile, she has the gift to make people feel happy and included.

We have been blessed to have Rhona at our Church and it is wonderful that she will continue to be a member after her retirement.


As we know Rhona has been very involved in many groups at church. Hers is a list with a summary of their aims:

  1. WHY JESUS weekly Bible Study
  2. LUNCH CLUB weekly social club
  3. RENEW WELLBEING a place to come where “ its OK not to be OK”
  4. PRIME TIME monthly communion
  5. UKRANIAN SUPPORT GROUP visiting the families, providing support
  6. SOCIAL LET’S EAT TOGETHER to encourage the congregation to eat, meet and get to know each other.
  7. There are many other things that Rhona does, she keeps in touch with many of the congregation, who cannot come to church, visiting them and giving comfort to them.

Thank you Rhona so much for all you have done for us. Blessings and God’s love to you.